UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group releasing much-awaited results of Platformification Feasibility Study

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The UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group is pleased to announce the results of the study on the Platformification of the food industry at the Gulfood Manufacturing Conference on 31 October 2017.

Platform based disruptions are happening across industries all over the world. It is in this backdrop that the UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group, being an industry grouping that strives to stay ahead of the times in identifying and driving key innovations in the F&B sector of UAE, commissioned a feasibility study to understand the prospects of platformification in the F&B Sector – its need, new opportunities, benefits and the challenges across the Food & Beverage value chain which can be solved through this.

The concept of platformification had been thoroughly researched by the F&B group prior to this study. Meetings were arranged with all the stakeholders to understand the data requirement, their data sharing preferences, current challenges etc. On the basis of this we arrived at a high level view of the impact and the associated functionalities of platformification.

The summarized version of the results of this exercise were shared with the stakeholders through an awareness workshop before the commencement of the study to know how they view the prospects of platformification.

The feedback we received from the stakeholders was very positive.

Following the awareness workshop a detailed study was undertaken by interacting with each stakeholder in the value chain. The detailed findings of this study taking each stakeholder as example is contained in this report.

This report can be used as a lens to view the food platform through different perspectives and to understand the outcomes of implementing such a platform in the F&B sector.

The report also addresses the prospects of the food platform to address the industry government interactions such as rolling out of government initiatives in the food sector – rolling out VAT, Food Bank, Halal Capital, ESMA certification, compliance and regulatory issues etc.

Many aspects of the present operating structure and its limitations have been studied and the findings have been reported here.

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