F&B Sector in the UAE


Manufacturing in UAE & Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is on the verge of a major growth surge. At the heart of it is
The Dubai Plan 2021

Here's a quick look at the major goals and initiatives that drive economic growth in UAE



Increase total GDP and value-added in manufacturing


Boost productivity with increased innovation and R&D spend.


Promote sustainable, energy efficient manufacturing practices

Global Manufacturing

Become the preferred manufacturing destination for global business.

Islamic Standards

Become the centre of manufacturing for the global Islamic goods market.


Ease of doing Business

UAE Rank 22nd by World Bank (2015)


Financing for SME's

Improving Standards

Unified Regulations
(Locally & Regionally)

Halal marks, GAFTA, etc

Smart Government Initiatives

Operational Exellence

Exellence Connectivity

Sea Ports, Airports, Etihad Rail, GCC Rail, Mainland, 30+ Free Zones in UAE,

Manpower:Skilled & Un-skilled