Meat & Poultry Processing

UAE has a significant local meat processing capacity, with over 60-65% meat being processed locally, and the rest being imported. There is a total output of approximately 12,500 tonnes, mostly consisting of burger patties, other minced meat, and beef Mortadella.
Brazil, Australia and India are the major raw material providers, with over 80% of the raw materials being sourced through imports and other associated small items being sourced from the local markets.
Poultry is mostly imported from South America, some local production is there, mainly in Saudi Arabia. Most eggs are sourced locally with imports mostly in free range and organic eggs.
The total market size is AED 600mn and the market size for locally processed value added products is around AED 360-400mn. The import of prepared and preserved meat was AED 200mn in 2008.
In the UAE the market demand has moved to chilled product from the traditional frozen carcass. The meat processing Industry is highly capital intensive requiring special machines to heat and cool meat for preserving, packing etc.


  • Premium products gaining market, like enriched eggs, egg white powder, egg white only, value added innovative meat products ( with different flavorings and batter) for export market.
  • Meat processors can also explore the pet food category.

Market Players

  • UAE has around 11 companies in Meat processing, which are located in Dubai and Sharjah. There is a low SME presence in the sector
  • Dominated by players like Al Kabeer, Al Islami in Dubai, and Sadia in KSA.