Sugar, Tea and Coffee Processing

UAE dominates sugar processing in the GCC. The estimated size of the market is around AED 900 mn to 1 bn. More than half of this demand is being met through domestic manufacturing of refined sugar, even though the raw sugar is being imported.
Sugar manufacturing is confined to refining sugar from raw sugar, for both domestic and export markets. There is significant demand for sugar from various sectors of the manufactured foods industry and from the restaurant and bakery segment. This sector requires large investments typically above AED 350 mn.
Coffee imports amount to approximately 90 mn AED annually. Coffee demand is met by large international players. The tea bag market is dominated by Unilever’s Lipton Tea in UAE.

Market Players

  • Only One large scale sugar factory- AL Khaleej in Dubai, serving the entire GCC producing around 1.5 mn tonnes of sugar (90% of this production is exported)

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