Vegetable Oils & Fats preparation

The current market size in UAE is around 60,000 tons/year. There is a potential market size of approximately AED 500mn.

Major products by Dubai Industries are Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Ghee, Palm Oil and fatty acids.

This is a capital intensive industry. The cost for a single line of equipment is around AED 170 mn.

Market Players

  • Five major refining and packaging plants generate about 200, 00 metric tones annually in the GCC (UAE 40%, Bahrain and Oman 25% each, Kuwait 10%). Future expansion plans, mainly in the UAE( Aseel Ghee) are likely to double regional capacity
  • Dominated by large players like United Food Company(Aseel Dubai), Mazola (KSA)

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