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The Food and Beverage Industry in UAE is poised for great change. There are immense opportunities to be leveraged and also significant challenges to be overcome. And that is possible only through greater cooperation and collaboration, under a unified banner.

Why Join the FBMG?

FBMG gives it’s members a platform to engage with the larger Food and Beverage industry, giving them greater collective power to drive policy and innovation.

Who can Join

  • Member Relations:

    Existing members can communicate with us on any matter they wish to discuss or bring to our notice

  • New Investors:

    If you are setting up a business in UAE, please let us know about the nature and scope of your business. We would love to offer any support and assistance we can.

  • New Members:

    If you are a F&B manufacturer and wish to boost the growth and resilience of the sector, please join the FBMG and support our efforts.

  • Professionals:

    If you are engaged with the F&B sector in any professional capacity, you can communicate with us, please do and send in your suggestions and inquiries.

If you require any assistance, or have queries and concerns, please get in touch with Rayan Suares

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UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers

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