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F&B Innovation Lab


F&B Innovation Lab aims to encourage and foster innovative new F&B products with the potential to reach international markets. The lab envisions to develop and promote Emiratis, with a successful product-market fit, who decide to pursue commercialization of their products. Partnering with key local F&B manufacturers to champion, mentor and support Emiratis for the commercialization of their products and to create the early foundations for ideation, innovation and an ecosystem for Emirati talent in the F&B sector.

Our Program Partners are the primary driving force of various innovation initiatives that have contributed significantly to the local ecosystem. Khalifa Fund and Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Group (FBMG) envision to shape the future of Emiratis, develop and market their products locally and globally by establishing an authentic Emirati brand and to protect the interests of F&B manufactures and resolve industry-related challenges.


F&B Innovation Lab is to Inspire Emiratis to come with new F&B Product Ideas products with the potential to reach international markets. The main objectives of the F&B Innovation Lab are

  1. Developing local talent for the F&B ecosystem.
  2. Initiating new product launches that are UAE relevant, with a local flavour.
  3. Engaging Emirati F&B product developers with the F&B manufacturing sector.

How it works

To be eligible for the program, each application should include at least one UAE National team member.

After registering to be an F&B Innovation Lab potential incubate, if selected, we will support you to develop and test your new F&B product.

Those that show potential through the development of a variable product of a viable product-market fit, will have the option to partner and commercialise your product with one of the participating F&B manufacturers.

How entrepreneurs can benefit from the F&B Innovation Lab

Through participation in the F&B Innovation Lab, successful incubates will gain access to mentoring from highly esteemed and well-established F&B manufacturers in the UAE.

Incubates will also take part in a 5-day innovation Bootcamp. Following completion of the Bootcamp, selected incubates will go into an incubation programme where they will work closely with manufacturers to further develop and helpfully commercialise their products.

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