As a facilitator of dialogue between the industry and the government,

FBMG is involved in tackling a variety of issues related to the industry.

Issues like commodity pricing, self-regulation of marketing messages, and international alliances are ones that need industry-wide discussion and cooperation. FBMG's corporate events and initiatives manage to bring together key stakeholders in the process, and enables a comprehensive resolution of such challenges.

  • 2012F&B is launced

  • 2013Events

    -Networking luncheon
    -CEO's Round table Meeting
    -Dubai Municipality Awareness Session
  • 2014Events

    -Dubai Export & SME Discussion
    -IFBA and FBMG Partnerships
    -Meeting with Ministry of Environment & Water
  • 2015Events

  • 2016Events

    -Meeting with General Secretary of MOH
    -F&B Wafaa initiative Ramadan Charity with Bict Al khair
    -Nutritional Aspect Awareness Session
  • 2021Events

    -UAE 49th National Day
    -UAE -India Food Security
    Launch of F&B Innovation Lab
    F&B Exports to Israel
    B2B Meetings
    F&B Member Engagement
    FBMG Board Meeting
    F&B Connect- Beverages sub sector
    FBMG Regulatory affairs meeting
    Future Food Thought Leadership Series- Virtual Seminar
    Tusiad Meeting
    VirtuL Market Access Initiative
    FBMG industry 2021 Dialogue
    Seeking Feedback on Industrial Law
    UAE Netherlands AGRI-TECH working group meeting
    Digital Transformation in FBMG in the middle east
    Dubai Chamber Business Webinar
    Webinar on India-UAE Trade And Investment Opportunities

Today the group is moving towards the next level of engagement with its members and its various stakeholders through digital platforms.

It engages with members through digital media channels and has a communication strategy that complements consumer education and awareness linked to the food sector.

It has played a proactive role in promoting ethical marketing to kids, the healthy formulation of products, and improved labeling standards, in its efforts to complement the government initiatives.

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