According to the BMI estimates, the UAE mineral water industry is worth around AED 1 bn. The UAE’s per capita bottled water consumption has reached 275 liters per annum.

The sector is dominated by local producers who price their bottled water competitively. Imported bottle water from recognisable international brands are also relatively successful in the sector. Restaurants currently have a bottled water menu which lists brands from all over the world.

Market Players

  • Masafi in Dubai and Al Ain Water in Abu Dhabi control more than 40% of the total market respectively in their emirate in both the retail and gallon business
  • Bottled Water upto 1 litre
    > Masafi, Al Ain Water, Oasis, Gulfa, Jeema mineral water
  • Bulk Bottled Water
    > Oasis, Al Ain water

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